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In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.
We are striving, with scientific development as the mainline, management innovation as foundation and circular development as the core, under the slogan proposed by the Corp: “On track in two years, taking off in five years and becoming the world’s leading company in management in ten years”, bearing the goal of “Making our company a professional manufacturer of state of the art wide and heavy plates(wire rods) of the world”, making every effort with pioneering spirit to surpass in the competition of the industry to enter into the ranking of leading iron and steel conglomerate in the world.
At the beginning of 2015 the overall outlook of this year Plate The market for full year market is still holding pessimistic attitude, from the first half of the market has run 2015 year trend, the market is still difficult to reverse the decline, production business pressure is more obvious, Trader Frustrated by the overall market decline, operating enthusiasm is low, the market trading atmosphere is significantly decreased in 2014. From the mode of operation, in 2015 due to the unilateral downward trend is very obvious, the actual operation o...
In November 18th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine measures to improve public services, to facilitate the masses continued decentralization entrepreneurship; accelerating the deployment of technological upgrading, promote the industry towards the end; decided to unify the urban and rural compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism, promote the equalization of public services in Education field. The meeting pointed out, improve public services, is an important part of the decentralization reform, which...
In September the official PMI end of two consecutive months of decline in the situation, a series of steady growth measures finally appeared effect. The National Bureau of statistics released data show that China September manufacturing PMI was 49.8%, up 0.1 percentage points higher than in August, ending two consecutive months of decline. Data show that the positive factors of China's macro economy operation to accelerate the aggregation, the fourth quarter of the economy will remain slow in stabilization, steady to good posture. The State Cou...
" The Belt and Road Initiative "And" 2025 "are Chinese manufacturing of the steel industry to form good, there are the following three reasons. The State Council, "" several opinions on accelerating the development of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade of China will enhance and The Belt and Road along the country's level of economic and trade cooperation, encourage a higher level of technology, nuclear power generation and transmission, rail transportation, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries to cou...
The August manufacturing PMI index was 49.7%, down 0.3 percentage points from last month, returned to the ups and downs of the line again, from the sub index, sluggish domestic demand significantly dragged down the performance of the new orders index, the manufacturing industry boom continues to decline. But excessive pessimism is unnecessary. But from the seasonally adjusted data, most of the indicators in the seasonally adjusted only slightly downward trend, seasonally adjusted are stable or even slightly, the manufacturing sector is still re...
The National Bureau of statistics, Chinese Federation of logistics and purchasing jointly released data show that in July China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 50%, slightly higher than in June dropped 0.2 percentage points. From the main index, compared with the previous month, July production index, new orders index and export index, the backlog of orders index, purchasing volume index, import index, employment index has declined slightly, only the supplier delivery time, production and business activity index is expected ...
The Ministry of Finance issued a 1-6 month this year, the national state-owned and state holding enterprises of economic operation, the profit of state-owned enterprises during the first half of the total amount of 1 trillion and 233 billion 290 million yuan, down 0.1%. The industry believes that, although the year is still slightly down, but the economic situation of state-owned enterprises continues to improve, the main indicators are showing signs of recovery. The Ministry of Finance pointed out that the steady growth policy and reform measu...
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